• Marine Inspections

    Our team consisting of qualified and experienced surveyors efficiently conduct various kind of marine inspections :

    • Draft Survey
    • Barge gauging
    • Pre-purchase survey
    • Bunker surveys
    • Condition surveys
    • Hatch Inspection
    • Hatch Cover Integrity Inspection
    • Hull Inspection
    • Stability calculation survey

  • General Cargo Inspection

    Wide range of diverse cargoes are inspected by our efficient teams. From scraps to sensitive epoxy coated pipes the inspections vary and consist of precise phases of inspection.

    Typically the inspections for steel general cargo viz. plates, pipes, coils, structural beams etc, include:

    • Cargo arrival supervision at designated premises (port, factory )
    • Physical verification and quality check
    • Salt contamination test
    • Onboard / onshore load / discharge supervision
    • Stowage supervision
    • Lashing & securing supervision

    The most inevitable and crucial factor remains the reporting area, whereby we ensure that our team is fully equipped to deliver prompt updates by various means to the concerned.

  • Project & Over Dimensional Cargo

    Pioneering in rendering inspection of these cargo, we have meticulously designed SOPs in place. Our experienced and sophisticated teams headed by Port Captains and Marine Engineers at various locations ensure the execution of assignments in an articulate manner.

    Typically we undertake supervision and inspection for the below scope vide instructions client to client:

    • Inspection at factory / industrial premises
    • Pre-stow planning
    • Loading
    • Stowage
    • Lashing & securing
    • Discharge
    • Transit
    • Marshaling till ultimate site.

  • Agri & Consumer Products

    Cargo ranging from food grains viz : Rice, Wheat, Pulses in bulk or standardized forms to confectionaries, juices and extraction cargo viz : Soya, rapseed, cotton etc fall under the purview of our inspections.

    The typical scope of inspection would include:

    • Procurement of cargo from origin / manufacturer's premises
    • Receipt supervision at warehouses
    • Quantity confirmation by tally / weighbridge assessment
    • Pre-shipment sampling and testing
    • Hatches fitness inspection
    • Loading and stowage supervision
    • Fumigation supervision
    • Collection of representative sample
    • Testing for various parameters as would be advised by the client / LC

  • Ores & Minerals

    The team performs meticulously the inspections crucial for conforming the quantity and quality of cargo viz : Coal, Coke, Bauxite, Bentonite, fertilizers (Urea, Di-ammonium phosphate, Murriate of Potash).

    Thoroughly performed are the following inspections to have the most accurate quantity assessments:

    • Draft surveys
    • Load and discharge supervision
    • Collection of representative samples
    • Moisture and quality testing
    • Delivery supervision

  • Container Inspections

    Though the organization is only a couple of years old in this wing of inspection, we have been noticed in the industry basis the level of services that we render with the help of our dedicated team.

    We are rendering services to various CFSs and ICDs at various locations viz: Mundra, Kandla, Mumbai, Hazira besides various ICDs in the north. Our scope of inspection typically includes:

    • Loaded container inspections
    • Empty container inspections
    • Maintenance & Repair inspections
    • Stuffing/Destuffing supervision at all locations
    • Sealing/Unsealing Supervision
    • PTI of Reefer containers
    • Supervision of Loading/Unloading containers on Container Flats of rakes
    • Container weighment supervision
    • Supervision at CFS/ICD/FTWZ/Container Terminals/Empty Yards
    • Closed Bonded Warehouse Supervision
    • Open Bonded Warehouse Supervision
    • Specialization in OOG cargo supervision
    • Supervision of lashing of cargo on the Container and issuance of lashing certificate

  • Liquid Cargo Inspection

    Our dedicated team for liquid cargo inspections headed by our senior inspector aptly qualified and having rich gained during his 4 decades service, has enabled the organization render comprehensive services for liquid cargo at various ports in India and the Middle East.

    Thoroughly performed are the following inspections to have the most accurate quantity assessments:

    • Ullaging
    • Sounding
    • Shore tanks gauging
    • Bunker supply supervision
    • Bunker surveys
    • Collection of representative samples
    • Quality tests

  • Testing and Analysis

    Testing of wide range of products is conducted at our laboratory in accordance to the parameters prescribed by the client. The lab is equipped with latest state of the

    Art and sophisticated equipment to enable testing adhering to IS and ASTM standards.

    Liquid Cargo Testing:

    Cargo ranging from Gas oil, Naphtha, Jet A-1, Fuel Oil, Sludge, Slop Oil, Bitumen, Lubricants, Greases, Firefighting Foam, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Bunker Fuels, and Portable& Waste Water are tested in our liquid division.

    Parameters such as Viscosity, Viscosity index, Foaming, Pour point, Additive Elements, Apparent Viscosity, Brookfield Viscosity, Acid number, Base Number, Penetration, Worked Penetration, Alkalinity, MRV, HT / HS

    Viscosity, Equilibrium boiling Point, Reverse Alkalinity, Copper corrosion, Rust Prevention characteristics, Air Release Value, Water Separability, Demulsification Number etc can be effectively tested at our laboratory; besides the RON – MON Analysis ie. Research Octane Number (RON) and Motor Octane Number (MON) testing correlating with commercial automotive spark ignition engine antiknock performance under mild conditions of operation in accordance with specification D 4814.

    Drycargo Testing:

    The lab is equipped with latest state of the art and sophisticated equipment to enable testing adhering to IS and ASTM standards. Cargo ranging from rice, wheat, sugar, coal, coke, minerals, etc are tested precisely in accordance to the parameters prescribed by the client / statutory bodies.